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Customer Photos - Project 1

Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed

This industrial loft was in desperate need of a space-saving solution for seating and a queen size bed. To keep an open feel of the space we considered both vertical and horizontal queen size wall beds with an integrated 2-seat sofa.

The customer preferred the horizontal wall bed because it could accommodate a wider sofa and takes less vertical space, especially when the ceiling height is lower. Additionally, a horizontal wall bed is easier to open and close.

With this combination you get the best of both: a comfortable sofa and a queen size bed with minimal footprint.

We added an upholstered headboard to the back wall of the bed cabinet to match the sofa.

Products used in this projects:

Royal Horizontal Queen Size Wall Bed

Royal Horizontal Queen 2-Seat Sofa

Royal Horizontal Queen Headboard

We love how this project turned out!

Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed
Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed