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Customer Photos - Project 3

Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed

Big city living comes with its challenges, and the biggest one is smaller living spaces.

We love helping our customers to create a livable and comfortable space in the hearts of big cities.

This cute apartment couldn’t take a full room of standard furniture, like a sofa, a double bed, and some storage. Instead, our customer chose to go with a queen size wall bed with a comfortable 2 seat sofa and a couple of storage cabinets. A vertical queen size wall bed accommodates a queen size mattress and is as comfortable as a traditional bed. And definitely is more comfortable than a sleeper sofa. We always recommend adding an integrated sofa to a wall bed to get the best of both: comfortable seating and sleeping spaces, all with a minimal footprint.

The apartment also lacked storage, so we added 2 cabinets on both sides of the bed. One with open shelves and a caddy on the bottom and a wardrobe cabinet to store folded and hanged clothes.

The customer wanted a modern look of the furniture and went with custom high gloss white panels.

This project turned out amazing with all the cute accents and accessories!

Products used in this projects:

Royal Vertical Queen Size Wall Bed

Royal Vertical Queen 2-Seat Sofa

Royal Vertical Queen Headboard

Royal Small Floating Bookcase

Double Wardrobe with Bi-Fold Doors

Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed
Royal Horizontal Queen Wall Bed