Pre-Order 30 to 60 days Royal 2 Seat Sofa

Outstanding quality for exceptional comfort.

All components or Royal sofa are manufactured in Europe, using the best available materials and technologies.

We made sure your Royal sofa is not only comfortable but sturdy and durable. Every construction detail is carefully thought out for lifelong satisfaction.

Custom Sofa

Create a truly functional space by combining your Royal wall bed with a full size sofa. Now you don’t have to choose between a bed or a couch, you can have both and still have plenty of open space. The sofa is designed to be integrated with Royal queen size wall bed or it can be a free standing piece as well.

  • Full size 2 (3 or 4) seater modular sofa.
  • Deep, full size seating cushions are medium-firm for lasting comfort.
  • 2 decorative pillows in matching color are included.
  • Backrest cushions are removable to accommodate wall bed in opened position.
  • Available with thin or standard track armrests (include images of both options).
  • Super lightweight and easy to put together.
  • Sturdy and flawless construction with the strongest materials and finishes.
  • Available in variety of textiles and colors.

Royal sofa’s modular design allows you to build custom seating to fit your space.
Click here to configure your custom sofa.

Product Details
Product Dimensions33.46” H x 74.8” W x 31.5” D – 55.1 lb
Options InfoFabric:

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Usage typeHeavy

Royal 2 Seat Sofa

Available Options

When choosing high gloss color option, only vertical face panel will have a high gloss finish. The rest of the bed cabinet: side panels, inside shelves and external horizontal shelves and desks will have a semi-gloss (satin) finish.

The main characteristic of the high gloss finish is that it reflects surrounding light, and depending on the light temperature and color tone, the color of the high gloss panel may look slightly different from the semi-gloss panels.

Please keep in mind, that in warm yellow lighting, white high gloss front panel of the bed will appear more yellowish than semi-gloss side panels

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