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Small Space Challenge

real room images contest

Have you bought a bed or a cabinet from Multimo? Now you have the chance to match it with an additional item for free! Photograph your item and enter the contest! Get the most votes and win. You should rephrase and add more lines here...

Switch table

Prize - Switch Table

from coffee table to a fully functional dining table or work desk

  • adjustable height
  • high quality materials
  • mobility
  • made in Europe

How it works

  • Enter contest and register your requested personal data to create an account.
  • Upload your desired pictures to enter the contest. Each image will be a separate entry. More images means more chances to win. Add captions to them to incentive your entry.
  • We take the liberty to check your images and desconsiderate if we consider them unproper. Please try to upload sharp, nice looking pictures!
  • You can login back in your account at any time to check your submission statuses and votes. Also you can add more images, up to ? total images per account. However, you will not be able to remove or edit any of them once are submited. You can contect us if you want to do this operation.
  • At date ? the winner will be anounced based on votes

Free Photo Contest!

Prize worth of $700

Ends on ? date

Win based on votes