Create Your Ideal Murphy Bed: Personalized Comfort and Style

Welcome to our Murphy Bed Configurator! From selecting the perfect bed to choosing the right accessories, our tool makes it easy to create a set that fits your space and lifestyle.

Experience Your Custom Design in Our Showroom


1. Wall Bed

Select Mattress Size: Begin by choosing the size of the mattress to fit your space and comfort needs.

Add Optional Features: Decide if you want to include a table or desk with your wall bed. Remember, these options are not compatible with sofa selections.

Choose Finishes: Explore a variety of finishes to match your décor. You can view how your bed looks in both open and closed states.

2. Cabinets

Opt for Side Cabinets (Optional): If you need extra storage, you can add side cabinets. Otherwise, you may skip this step.

Select Cabinet Finishes: Choose from our range of finishes to harmonize with your bed's design.

3. Sofa

Choose a Sofa and Ottoman (Optional): Add a sofa and ottoman to your configuration, keeping in mind that some sofas may limit access to lower cabinets.

Customize Sofa Finishes: Select from different finishes to complement your Murphy bed setup.

4. Headboard

Select a Headboard Panel (Optional): Personalize your space with a stylish headboard. Choose the one that best fits your aesthetic.

Pick a Finish for Your Headboard: Match your headboard with the overall look of your Murphy bed by selecting an appropriate finish.

5. Mattress

Choose a Compatible Mattress (Optional): If needed, select a mattress that is compatible with your Murphy bed. You can also choose to skip this step.

Need assistance or have questions?

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