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Murphy Bed & Sofa Store by Multimo has been selected for the 2017 Best of Hallandale Beach Awards for Furniture

When it comes to our customers we have just four words to say to you: YOU DESERVE THE BEST. That’s what we believe…that is the basis of our mission statement …providing the best quality, eco-friendly products and top services to each and every customer. Multimo Company is based in Europe, and since our first day in business, we have been manufacturing innovative, ergonomic, space saver wall beds, sofa beds, and bunk beds. Today, our state of the art advanced technology allows us to deliver things like quadruple gas shock support systems that make opening and closing beds a simple one-handed operation. Our innovative products designs provide furniture with saving space, providing storage options, and creating multifunctional use within a small area of floor space. 

Multimo furniture systems exceed the stringent EU standards, and our precision engineering, quality hard wood boards, durable finishes, and built-in safety features meet, or exceed, the highest levels of safety and quality certification standards. 


Our US showroom is now open in
Miami, Florida and New York City

with full service and delivery set up available within a 50-mile radius, and available shipping across the country, usually within 10 days of receiving your order, complete with online video assembly instructions.

Multimo wall beds are available in 12 convertible styles. Many of these styles, when closed, are contained in a floor space of just under 1.5x7 feet, perfect for smaller bedrooms, home offices, apartments, condos, studio apartments, and mobile homes.

With so many people downsizing their living space, finding ways to incorporate a quality bed and sleep space with built-in storage and bookshelves, tables, desks, and multifunctional options are essential! Multimo has wall beds from twin size to queen size that are the answer to all your space-saving requirements, as well as accessory pieces like standing or horizontal bookshelves and wardrobe cabinet to add even more space and storage options!

Modern, space saving furniture. Wall beds, bunk beds and sofa beds from Europe.


Every home should be
smart and comfortable

with plenty of room to move around and entertain. Our goal is to help you optimize your living space and to enhance your lifestyle. We are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative space-saving solutions for any home.

Our extensive collection of modern wall beds will help you transform your space, either to replace a bulky traditional bed or to add a guest bed or two. Most wall beds in our store are no more than 18” deep when closed-more room for you to enjoy a morning yoga session in the comfort of your home.

Give your kids more room to play by replacing a regular bed with a compact and multifunctional wall bed.

There are solutions even for the smallest of spaces: wall bed and sofa sets allow you to have both pieces with a minimal footprint.

Matching storage cabinets, bookshelves, and other accessories will create a finished look or help to fill empty wall space.

Our new collection of modular sofas can be combined with wall beds for an ultimate space-saving combo.

Or you can build a custom freestanding sofa or sectional to fit your space and lifestyle.

All beds, cabinets, and sofas are designed for the US market and build in Europe. Our factories have been manufacturing space saving furniture for over 30 years with a dedication to the outstanding quality of materials and craftsmanship. We are convinced you and your family will enjoy our beds for years to come.


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