Royal Custom Sofa

Your couch-your way!

Royal modular sofa gives you freedom to design your own seating, that fits your space perfectly.
With countless configuration options and fabric colors it’s so easy tocreate a unique sofa that everybody will enjoy.

  1. Outstanding quality for exceptional comfort.
  2. All components or Royal sofa are manufactured in Europe, using the best available materials and technologies.

    We made sure your Royal sofa is not only comfortable but sturdy and durable. Every construction detail is carefully thought out for lifelong satisfaction.

    Custom Sofa

  1. Smart modular design.

  2. Royal sofa can be attached to the front panel of Royal Queen wall bed for an ultimate space saving arrangement. Or it can be a stand-alone piece.

    The following modules are available to configure custom Royal sofa:

    Custom Sofa

    Ottoman/seat cushion

    This is your base. Select desired number of cushions to configure 2, 3 or 4 seater sofa or sectional.

    Custom Sofa

    Backrest cushion

    Get one back cushion for every seat. Add more if needed for corner seats.

    Custom Sofa

    Small armrest cushion/accent pillow

    Use it as an accent pillow or as an extra cushion for armrests.

    Custom Sofa

    Narrow armrest/Backrest cushion support

    When building a stand-alone sofa, use one narrow armrest for every backrest cushion to keep them from sliding off. If space is an issue, use this armrest to keep sofa size to a minimum.

    Can be installed in 3 different positions:

    -centered, recommended for backrest cushion support

    Custom Sofa

    -pulled to the front

    Custom Sofa

    -pulled to the back

    Custom Sofa

    Track armrest: Use this classic square armrest for both end seats.

    Can be installed in 2 different positions:

    Custom Sofa

    -pulled to the front

    Custom Sofa

    -pulled to the back

Product Details
Product Dimensions

Bed Open: 89 3/4" H x 64 5/8" W x 86 1/2" D
Bed Closed: 89 3/4" H x 64 5/8" W x 17 3/8" D
Weight: 363.8 lb

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White - View

High Gloss White - View

Matte Graphite - View

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Assembly instructions

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MaterialMain material of the product is 3/4 and 1 3/16 thick E1 certificated High Gloss Laminated Chipboard. Rustproof Aluminum.

•  Bed Frame: Aluminum profile structure with Wooden Bed Slats

•  Mattress position guards 

•  Hardware: Developed special mechanisms with new generation gas shocks to provide comfortable opening and closing.

• Multifunctional transformation, ergonomic and compact (shelf, queen size wall bed).

•  Bed size– Queen

•  Removable pillow support with fabric covers

•  Innovative heavy duty hardware

•  Single hand soft opening/closing

•  Can be used for commercial applications

•  Made in Europe.

•  Technical design appropriate to TUV GS (European) standards, including security, health, and ergonomics.

Usage typeHeavy

Royal Custom Sofa

When choosing high gloss color option, only vertical face panel will have a high gloss finish. The rest of the bed cabinet: side panels, inside shelves and external horizontal shelves and desks will have a semi-gloss (satin) finish.

The main characteristic of the high gloss finish is that it reflects surrounding light, and depending on the light temperature and color tone, the color of the high gloss panel may look slightly different from the semi-gloss panels.

Please keep in mind, that in warm yellow lighting, white high gloss front panel of the bed will appear more yellowish than semi-gloss side panels

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