Pre-Order 30 to 60 days Royal Full Headboard 1/2

Make your wall bed look like a traditional bed by adding an upholstered headboard to the back wall of the cabinet. Made with luxurious textiles in variety of colors to complement your interior decor.

  • Use 2 headboards to completely cover the back wall of the cabinet.
  • One headboard will cover the wall halfway, leaving the back panel exposed on the top.
  • Padded square stitched pattern for timeless modern look.
  • Available in multiple fabrics and colors to match Royal sofa.

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Royal Full Headboard 1/2

Available Options

When choosing high gloss color option, only vertical face panel will have a high gloss finish. The rest of the bed cabinet: side panels, inside shelves and external horizontal shelves and desks will have a semi-gloss (satin) finish.

The main characteristic of the high gloss finish is that it reflects surrounding light, and depending on the light temperature and color tone, the color of the high gloss panel may look slightly different from the semi-gloss panels.

Please keep in mind, that in warm yellow lighting, white high gloss front panel of the bed will appear more yellowish than semi-gloss side panels

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