Usage Types

All Multimo beds are made to last, with strong frame construction and reliable opening mechanism.

Every bed model is designed for normal every day use and is guaranteed to hold up for 10-20 years when installed and treated properly.

Some of our most popular models are specifically built to withstand heavy everyday use in hotels, rental properties, and college dorms. We used more rigid materials for bed cabinet frames as well as an updated opening mechanism to ensure that wall beds are strong enough to take some beating from less considerate guests.

When buying one of our beds, please make sure to verify if it will suit intended use:

Heavy use:

The wall bed is built to be used daily in hotels, dorms, rental properties etc.

Everyday use:

The wall bed is built for normal daily use in homes and apartments.

Occasional use:

The wall bed is built for light use in guest rooms, home offices, and similar spaces.